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I am Pablo – a software engineer, Git enthusiast and tutor.

What is Gitception?

Gitception is the concept of putting Git in version control to analyze and understand Git’s behavior. Using this concept, a series of workshops are elaborated to strengthen your confidence when using Git.

Why do we need Gitception?

Git has a complex information model and you want to know all of it!

Git has a steep learning curve and Gitception helps you climbing it!

Git has no abstraction and understanding the internals is crucial!

Gitception empowers you to learn Git by yourself!

Past Experiences

CAS course for the University of Bern
Gitception started, when I was asked to give a full day Git course for a CAS at the University of Bern. The training received a lot of good feedback and is repeated every year.

SoCraTes Unconference & SoCraTes Day 2019
I gave a session an the SoCraTes unconference in Ftan and the SoCraTes Day in Zürich in 2019 where I presented the concept of Gitception. Attendees enjoyed the sessions a lot and pushed me to host a SoCraTes meetup.

Internal training at DECTRIS
DECTRIS – the company I work for as a software engineer – has a lot of people involved in software development, we therefore decided to organize internal workshops to improve our knowledge in and understanding of Git.

M&F Engineering
Since the participants of the trainee program of M&F Engineering who worked for DECTRIS knew my Git training, I was asked to give a full day workshop for their M&F Academy. The training was given online.

Bison Schweiz AG
I was invited to give a session on Git at Bison Schweiz AG, to tackle a software group’s struggle when encountering merge conflicts. The workshop was considered “pretty positive” and further workshops are being therefore organized.