Here’s a curated list of the workshops related to Git I am ready to host. The workshops contain theory, exercises, discussions, literature and are studded with jokes, development principles and good practices. Be sure to ask about topics which may not be on the list yet!


These are the topics, I recommend every developer becoming an expert in. It is my strong believe, that you cannot be efficient using Git if you do not learn the skills taught in these modules.

…introduces the learning method used in the workshops. With this method, you are empowered to learn and understand Git’s behavior on your own.
⌚ 1 hour

Git’s information model
This workshop covers details of the staging area and commit structure. This will raise your confidence when Git does not behave as you expect it.
⌚ 3 hours

Branching and joining histories
During this training you will learn how to create and manage diverging development histories and join the changes to a common branch.
⌚ 3 hours

Sharing and updating projects
In this workshop you will learn the concept of distributed version control systems, how to manage connected repositories and share changes among them.
⌚ 3 hours


Deepen your knowledge on Git and learn further concepts and methods to become a Git first class citizen. Every team should have at least one Git virtuoso who masters these topics and enhances their collaborator’s productivity.

From backups to patches
This workshop deepens the concept of patches and shows Git’s tooling to create self-contained changes out of a linked backup-like structured development history.
⌚ 3 hours

Collaboration workflows
Learn about the most common collaboration workflows used among Git users, allowing you to decide which workflow to use for your current team and project.
⌚ 3 hours

Running automated tasks
…covers the methods to run tasks during the usage of Git’s commands. You will go through all the options and learn how to use them to improve productivity and prevent errors.
⌚ 2 hours

Inspection and maintenance
This module introduces techniques to effectively determine which changes introduced unexpected behavior, simplifying the search for errors and increasing efficiency.
⌚ 3 hours

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